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Why Do You Need a Car Tyre Inflator and a Tyre Pressure Gauge?

The tyres of our car are essentially the only car parts that constantly remain in touch with the harsh grounds when the vehicle is running.

Hence, they require the most amount of care and maintenance.

If you wish to upgrade your tyre care kit, then you should start by getting a car tyre inflator and a tyre pressure gauge.

This article tries to explain why both of these are necessary additions and from where you can buy them.

What is a Car Tyre Inflator?

A car tyre inflator is a device we use to inflate air in tyres to maintain their air pressure on the roads.

Tyre inflators are used for personal usage at home because of their compact size and ease of use

It is a mini version of an air compressor that is used at gas stations to inflate tyres.

The tyre inflator has a hose that is connected to the outlet valve of the tyre and then the tyre inflator is switched on.

The device then pushes compressed air inside the tyre to restore its air pressure.

Benefits: It is used to maintain tyre pressure at home and save yourself from the long queues outside the gas station. It also comes super handy in case of flat tyre emergencies.

What is a Car Tyre Pressure Gauge?

A car tyre pressure gauge, on the other hand, is a compact and super handy device that is used to check tyre pressure at home.

The pin on a tyre pressure gauge is connected to the outlet valve of a tyre and then it instantly starts to show the accurate pressure reading of that tyre.

Many tyre pressure models are so compact that you can slip that gauge in your car’s glove box or even your pocket and use it to quickly check tyre pressure wherever you are stepping outside to hit the road.

Benefits: It is used to keep a regular check on your tyres’ pressure condition, especially before leaving for long road trips.

Where to Buy a Car Tyre Inflator and a Tyre Pressure Gauge?

As you try to search for a genuine auto product online, you will find that the internet is saturated with fake and counterfeit products from unreliable sellers.

However, there’s one website that strives to put together a range of only 100% authentic products from trusted Indian and international brands.

We are talking about

Although this website is still in its infancy stage, it has already renowned itself as a trustworthy place to shop for authentic and premium auto parts and accessories among its national customer fanbase.

While Carorbis is a reliable online shopping store, the best brand to shop for tyre care products is Michelin.

Best Selling Tyre Care Products by Michelin

Apart from being  that one brand that we all trust for excellent quality, super long-lasting tyres, Michelin also offers a wonderful collection of car air compressors and related products.

The product portfolio includes:

  • Tyre inflators, both cordless and corded
  • Digital and analogue single barrel foot pumps
  • Digital and analogue double barrel foot pump
  • Tyre pressure gauges
  • Tyre shine products


So, here was everything about a car tyre inflator and a tyre pressure gauge.

A car tyre inflator is a super handy machine that can be used for in-house tyre pressure maintenance.

A tyre pressure gauge is another compact device to make it easier to keep a check on your vehicle’s tyre pressure.

Now that you are finally convinced to invest in a car tyre inflator and tyre pressure gauge for your car, don’t forget to explore the wonderful variety of car accessories and parts at

Hope you enjoyed reading through to the end of this article. Have a great day ahead!

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