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What is a good fabric and how do you tell? You might point towards pure cotton, silk, etc. But in today’s market cotton and linen clothes have gained some serious popularity.

In these current times, linen and cotton garments and clothing has become so popular. So many people are into this kind of clothing, which is soft and super comfortable to wear. That is why there has been a great increase in cotton and linen clothing online shopping over the years. So why are they becoming so popular?

Characteristics of linen and cotton

Linen and cotton fabric is made by mixing cotton and linen and this clothing bears the characteristics of both types of fabrics. Generally, pure linen clothing has a rough feel and close-fitting wear is a little irritating on the skin after a long time use it gets comfortable; And pure cotton feels very light and has a soft feeling when you wear it. Linen and cotton mixed fabrics efficiently evade these above-mentioned shortcomings, and they effectively are the best choice for summer clothing.

Pros and cons of linen and cotton


  1. Theses clothing are anti-static, no rolling, no edge, cotton, and linen cloth is sewn with pure cotton and linen, and because of that your cloth will not deform that easily.
  2. Cotton and linen are naturally harvested plants and pose no environmental hazards. The two types of fabric do not have any allergic side effects to the users.
  3. Cotton and linen clothing allow for air permeability and sweat permeability. Cotton and linen cloth is sweat absorbent and they provide cool wear on a hot summer day. Linen and cotton clothing are always breathable and comfortable to wear.
  4. Such comfortable wear on hot days keeps you energetic and active during the day. Also, you can wear linen and cotton clothing at night to have better sleep.


  1. : Pure cotton gets wrinkled very easily and ironing the cloth is never easy, as cotton is naturally less resistant to wrinkle. Also cotton holds moisture for longer periods and pure cotton is bound to shrink after the first wash.
  2. As cotton holds water for longer periods than any other material you will witness with a time that cotton holds the water content and gets heavy, due to that the material gets saggy and loses its shape.
  3. Linen fabric is great to wear but it is also quite sensitive, especially if you wash it with hard water it will lose its charm very quickly. And just like cotton, it gets wrinkled easily. And clothes made of cotton and linen are very hard to iron because of that fact
  4.  Also, cotton and linen fabric dyeing tone are darker in colour naturally and the effect of dyed linen is always different from that of any other fabric. There glossiness and saturation are relatively bleak
  5. And they both, cotton and linen, are quite expensive to buy.

These are some of the pros and cons of linen and cotton fabrics. Anyways you can always go out for cotton and linen clothing online shopping at evassunday.com.au

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