Designer Lehengas Designs and Trends of 2019 You Need to Know About

Designer Lehengas

Whether you are a minimalist or maximalist bride, you want a fancy celebration or an intimate gathering, one thing is certain that you are most likely to pick a designer lehenga for your big day. For the longest time ever, Indian ethnic wear lehenga has been the bride’s much-preferred choice for bridal wear. This ensemble is a true sign of grandeur and everything that a woman needs to enhance her bridal beauty.

Over the decades, the outfit has gone under major evolution and today it is an integral part of designer couture. While the designers are experimenting with unconventional styles, even the brides of today are not shying away from exploring uncustomary designs. The millennial brides are more experimental and adventurous, they are choosing unconventional hues, unusual patterns, trying chic and modish necklines. They are not afraid of breaking traditional boundaries and choose what suits their modern-day taste. If you are a bride looking for contemporary bridal wear, then we got you covered. You don’t have to compromise with your big day look. Instead, you must flaunt your fashion-forward taste in a big way. Here is a list of latest designer trends perfect for a bride who wants to create a statement of her own.

  1. Teller of tales:

    Customary zardozi and zari work lehengas are a passé for a millennial bride. They are creating a unique bridal look with a designer lehenga that is crafted only for her. The new-age brides are adventurous, but they are close to their values and traditions. Brides are reinventing the ensemble with an element of storytelling. They are flaunting lehengas that tell their love story or story about their childhood. More brides are opting for unique themes for their wedding that are showcased on their lehengas.

  2. Uncustomary colors:

    Red and pinks will never go out of fashion when it comes to choosing wedding colors. However, the new-age brides are choosing the colors you’ve never seen for bridal wear. With their unique choice of color, they want to ensure that they outshine the crowd. Some of the favorite latest colors are salmon rose, dull gold, mint green, vivid coral, lilac, powder blue, emerald, Dusty pink, cobalt blue, wine red, chrome yellow, ivory, and whites. Some of the unusual combinations are rust and green, mint green and lilac, lavender and gold, grey and gold, dull pink with white, powder blue with mint green, Blossom pink with soft blue, and midnight blue and purple.

  3. Gold is the new red:

    That’s true! Gold is the new red and brides want to incorporate this extravagance, richness and cheerful shade to their wedding wear. The modern bride knows how to steal the show and they are doing with outfits that are in shades of gold. Dull gold, muted gold, gold with eccentric colors, gold with conventional red and pink, and gold with off-white are some of the latest designer lehenga trends. If you are looking for an extraordinary, then you can ever order designer lehengas online at

  4. Ruffled Lehenga:

    We have all experimented with ruffled sleeves on western wear. This trend has found its way into Indian ethnic wear with a dramatic twist. Adding vintage tough and fairytale-esque allure to the traditional bridal wear is ruffles on the skirt or dupatta of the bridal lehengas. This style is perfect for engagements and sangeet and suits all body types.

  5. Floral magic:

    Floral prints and patterns is not a new introduction. This trend has been in fashion for a while now and it seems it is never getting dated. Florals are a perfect way to bring the ultimate feminine charm of the bride and enhance your natural glow. Floral prints, floral zari work, floral motifs, and embellishments, there is so much to choose from when it comes to this trend. However, intricate vintage floral embroidery tops the list and it is a must-try for brides looking for their bridal wear.

  6. Multicolored lehenga:

    For the brides with quirky taste, a multicolored paneled lehenga is what you are looking for. You can go with a combination of multi-colors, paneled together to create a masterpiece that is going to bring the best of your swanky taste and personality. Such designer lehengas are all about meticulous craftsmanship and artistry.

  7. Lehenga with belt:

    After Bollywood diva, Anushka Sharma killed this look at her wedding reception with a grey belted lehenga, this trend has garnered enough attention of the younger generation. Brides are giving their traditional attire a western twist with fancy belts around their waist. This look is perfect for engagement, reception, and cocktail. And the best part is that it keeps the dupatta and the entire ensemble together in place.

  8. Cape lehengas:

    For a surreal princess-y look, cape lehengas must be your choice. For once, you can ditch the dupatta and flaunt the sheer embellished cape over the lehenga. This style is chic and fashionable and allows you to create a regal look of your own. Capes can be of any length. Short, medium or long, depending on how lavish you want your outfit to look.

  9. Brocade Lehenga:

    Back in vogue are silk brocade lehengas. Brocade is a rich decorative woven fabric that is all about luminous colors and radiant zari work. This fabric is back in fashion and creating some memorable masterpiece. However, women of today choose to customize the patterns and motifs woven on the silk. This is the most traditional yet stylish lehenga designs that are loved by the modern Indian bride.

These are a few of the latest designer lehenga trends that are certainly going to make you look extraordinary on your wedding day. So, are you ready for all the attention and compliments?

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