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Summertime is very difficult for finding that perfect fragrance. Don’t let this dull down your spirits and mood. Read ahead for the most amazing summer perfume guide.

When the summer season hits you hard with its heat and humidity, the first thing that comes to anyone’s mind is using a good deodorant or perfume to get rid of the sweat smell. Summer season is all about heat, causing you to sweat profusely and generating a weird stale smell all over the body by mixing with the bacteria. Some people are lucky enough to have reduced sweat or no smell at all, but many of us are not blessed by this. Instead of using just about any random deodorant available over the counter in the local store, you need to try out perfumes that are designed specifically for the summer season. This simple perfume guide will help you in finding that perfect summer friendly perfume in your budget.

Which Types Are Best?

When it comes to fragrances for the summer season, you need to choose the right type of scent, otherwise, your perfume experience will be affected severely. If you need something that can beat the summer heat for long hours, go with the perfumes that have higher perfume essence concentration in them such as Eau de parfum, perfume oil, and eau de toilette. Out of all the perfumes available on Perfumes Shop, these ones are capable to give you more than 6 hours of fragrance in one go. However, if you are trying to opt for deodorants, go with something that has antiperspirant properties in them. It will help in keeping your sweat in check.

Perfumes Shop, Online Perfume Shop
Poonam Store

Which Notes Are Suitable For Summer?

Every season has a unique fragrance notes requirement, and you need to wear perfumes accordingly. To match the warm summer season, you need fragrance notes that are easily carried around with as little heat as possible. Some of the major notes that are loved by masses in the summer season are:


Gentle floral notes, which remind you of a freshly bloomed rose or jasmine, are ideal for the summer season. You can go for roses, jasmine, orange blossom, cherry blossom, gardenia, lily of the valley and lavender for the summer season.


Sweet juicy tropical fruits are best for the summer season giving you a refreshing energetic touch of fragrance. You can try out the perfumes with strawberry, watermelon, musk melon, berries of all kinds, coconut and such other tropical scents.


Although they are part of the fruity accord, this type of notes has something unique about them giving them a special place in the perfume category for the summer season. As hinted by the name, anything and everything in the citrus fruit category is a part of this collection. Lemon, bergamot, lime, orange, and every single citrus fruit is great for the summer season giving you zesty feel.

Fresh notes:

Anything from citrusy to herby is a part of this category. You can try out perfumes with herby, minty, aquatic, marine, peppermint, eucalyptus, fresh cut grass, coriander and so on.

Top Selling Summer Perfumes:

There are many perfumes available for the summer season on online perfume shops. You can try them all out. However, some of our forever favorites this season are:

  • Creation Blue Tweed Eau de parfum for men: As the name suggests, it is loaded with cool notes. It is refreshing and zesty having top notes of citruses, lemon, and verbena. The middle notes are loaded with Floral notes such as iris and violet leaf. The base notes are quite aromatic with Mysore sandalwood and ambergris. It is suitable for all day wear and for office wear.
  • Colour Me Purple Eau de parfum for women: This is a fruity perfume with summer-friendly notes and zesty surprise. The top notes of this perfume contain watery and floral notes. The middle notes are a blend of floral and fruity having rose, jasmine and fruity notes while the base has woody and sweet vanilla notes. You can wear this perfume all day long to college, to the gym and wherever you go.
  • Lomani Only Blue eau de toilette for men:

    A blend of citrus and woody notes, this perfume will keep your mood upbeat all day long. The top notes of this perfume contain cedar, cardamom, and bergamot for that zesty freshness. The middle notes of this perfume contain olibanum, grapefruit, and vetiver while the base contains citrus notes of spices, pepper, and Gideon. This perfume for men is perfect for all day wear and all night wear.

  • Chris Adams Active Woman Eau de parfum:A playful blend of perfumes that will keep your energy levels soaring high. The top notes of this perfume contain citruses like bergamot, orange, grapefruit, and herbs. The middle notes contain exotic fruits, roses, and jasmine. The base notes are rich in sandalwood, patchouli, tonka beans, vanilla, and white musk. This is a nice blend of sensuous summer perfume suitable for all day and night wear.

With the help of this perfume guide, you can now choose the perfect fragrances and deodorants for the season. Always choose the season friendly notes to make the most of the perfume you are planning to buy.

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