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In India, weddings are filled with extravagant and pompous events. Starting from the arrangement of the food to the whole set up for various events like Mehndi, Sangeet and what not; a huge amount of money is spent. However, we have a list of some of the weddings held in India which have completely surpassed the budget mark. These weddings truly define the meaning of a “Big Fat Indian Wedding”, where around 3 lakh is spent on the invitation card while most of the events are organized on the Cruise. Is your head already spinning? Hold on! Let us get to the details before you drop your jaws, survey was done by a team of personally.

Isha Ambani and Anand Piramal:

India’s richest industrialist’s only daughter’s wedding was arranged by spending around Rs. 724 crores. The wedding took place in the 27-storey Antilia and the reception was in Jio Gardens of Mumbai. Rs 3 lakh was spent on invitation cards itself. Hillary Clinton and the business tycoon Henry Travis were among the guests who attended the fairytale wedding. The guests were made to stay in 5-star accommodations in Udaipur and there was a remarkable performance by the very famous artist –Beyonce.

Brahmani and Rajeev Reddy:

While the entire country was affected by demonetization, Janardhan Reddy was barely disturbed at all. He spent around 550 crores on his only daughter’s wedding. The wedding invitations went viral via an LCD display on which 5 crores were spent. More than 50,000 guests were invited including celebrities and politicians. The bride wore a Rs. 17 crore worth Kanjeevaram silk while donned with Rs. 90 crore worth of jewelry.

Seemanto Roy and Sushanto Roy:

The two son’s of Subrato Roy –Sushanto and Seemanto wedded Richa and Chandni on which Rs. 552 crore was spent. Around 11000 guests came to bless the newlyweds including all the renowned celebrities like Amitabh Bachan, Aishwarya Rai, famous cricketer Kapil Dev, and Anil Ambani too. Around 110 different types of cuisines were served here.

Shrishti Mittal and Gulraj Behl:

The total wedding expenditure was around 500 crore on the wedding of Steel Giant Lakshmi Mittal’s niece –Shrishti Mittal. The couple got married in the year 2013. The wedding cake alone weighed around 60kg. Around 300 chefs and butlers were appointed in the wedding from India and Thailand as well. Usually, we find drones taking overhead snaps in most of the wedding these days; in this one there were helicopters.  

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