Things to Consider Before Choosing a Mountain Watch for Hiking

Mountain Watch

The watches trekking have three main features: an altimeter, barometer, and compass. That is why they are also known as ABC watches.

The basic models will have a temperature sensor and return timers.

You will get more advanced tracking of the elevation gained and lost. They will show graphs of changes in barometric pressure.

Here we will talk about the common characteristics of the mountain clock, so you can decide which are essential for you and which ones you can live without.

  • Altimeter

The altimeters measure the air pressure to calculate its approximate altitude. The great book, Mountaineering: The Freedom of the Hills, explains why an altimeter is useful: ” Since mountains are not two-dimensional … the altimeter is sometimes as useful as the compass, especially where topographic maps are available. The known altitude, the position of the point can often be found with only one visible feature recognized. Otherwise, the altitude provides a check against the orientation of the map and the compass. “

Mountain Watch
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Many times, a mountain altimeter watch is more reliable and more accurate than a GPS hiking device to measure altitude. This is because you may not always be able to get a GPS signal if you are inside a canyon or in the jungle.

Some trekking clocks allow you to track your altitudes and upload them to a computer. By providing an informative description of your hike, this feature is ideal for information addicts.

  • Barometer

A barometer measures the atmospheric pressure. These readings can help you determine if a storm is coming. You can say that the rain is on the way if the pressure drops suddenly.

If you plan to enter the desert for a few days, you will want this additional feature. If you are in an exposed area, you can use the pressure reading to decide if you should hurry and seek refuge.

  • Compass

What you should consider is the type of compass you want in your hiking watch. There are 2D and 3D compasses. 2D compasses only work if the watch stays perfectly horizontal, while 3D compasses are accurate at all angles.

This integrated compass is designed to be used only for a general reference point. If you are planning a more serious adventure in the field, bring a standard compass because it will be much more accurate.

  • Thermometer

Not all trekking clocks have a thermometer. Probably the main reason for this is that it is difficult to keep them accurate.

Because you wear a watch on your wrist, your body temperature could influence the temperature readings. However, this could be a good additional feature to keep in mind.

  • GPS

While there are specific GPS devices for hiking, some mountain watches offer you the chance to win two birds with one stone. A portable GPS is one of the biggest innovations in outdoor equipment.

Some of the best mountain watches have a built-in GPS, which is exceptionally useful in remote areas. The GPS function not only shows you the way. Often, they can also track valuable data, such as distance, speed, and location.

  • WI-FI connectivity

Being able to connect your mountain clock with your smartphone or laptop definitely has its advantages. In this way, you can exchange data between your devices while doing the hiking route that you have marked.

  • Waterproof

Almost all best hiking watches are water resistant. The only difference between them could be the depth at which they maintain their resistance to water.

Mountain Watch
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Water resistance is not just to keep your watch safe during a downpour. Some watches, such as the Suunto Ambit3 Sport, are designed for triathletes. These watches can withstand 10 ATM of water.

  • Design and style

Are you worried that you can not use your hiking watch every day? You do not have to worry; many of these watches combine well with casual clothes and even business.

If the design and style are a real concern for you, consider the size of the face. You want to look for one that has less plastic and a lower profile design. For a watch that you can take on the way to the office, we recommend the Suunto watch line, which is one of the best mountain watches.

Some survival style hiking watches are designed specifically for outdoor adventures, including bike riding. Therefore, they are durable and resistant, but they do not always look elegant.

Women may want to take a look at Garmin Fenix with mountain GPS or Suunto Core. Both options have a sophisticated design and do not look as bulky on a smaller doll as many other mountain watches tend to do.

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