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10 most influential headphones – Poonam Online Store

Here is the list of top 10 popular headsets

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  1. InfinixQuietX (XE05) headset including mic

This headset comes with the black Mic with the connection via Bluetooth and costs around 6339 INR. The colour is available in black and it has inline remote too. This is safe for your ears. You can use it for mobile phones, laptop, audio player, PC, tablets, and Television.

It has a jack of 3.5 on the headphone. And has the cancellation of noise ability too.

  1. Sony MDR – XB450 headset

Its design is for extra bass and you can use it in devices such as mobile and tablets. There is no Bluetooth connection as it is portable with a 3.5 jack wire flat in shape. It also has the swivel design of folding with super effects of sound.

  1. ATH-PRO500MK2 Audio-Technica DJ monitor headset

It has no microphone attached but it is compatible with all the devices such as Audio player, mobile phones, tablets and laptop with 3.5 jack of headset.

  1. ATH-S100 BK Audio-Technica Headset

It comes in the black in colour with cancellation effect of noise with the bass response and beats of tone. It has 3.5 jacks of headphones for seamless connection with mobile phones and tablets.

  1. 800 super boat bass headset with mic

It is available with attached mic and has the stereotype which is highly influential due to its design, compact size and lightweight. You can use it in all devices such as laptop, mobile phones, audio player, etc. It has cushioned ear cups too available for the high comfort during wearing it and experience the high sound while keeping the health of your ears. It also has an inbuilt pickup facility in mic.

  1. Kotion B3506 headset with mic

This headset comes with wires and wireless which is also known as Pro gaming headphone which ranges around 1099 INR and is compatible with the console of gaming.

  1. Kotion GS420 seven coloured LED headset with mic

This comes in the black and green mic and is very affordable. Its price ranges around 699 INR which is used in all devices like audio player, mobile phones, gaming zone, laptop or PC, tablets, and studio recording.

  1. Kotion GS410 cosmic byte headset with mic

It is ranged around 759 INR in black and blue colour which is also used in all the devices like laptop, mobile phones, tablets, and console of games.

  1. 501 Event Beatz headset

This is black in colour with no microphone attached but has the ability to fold for easy transit and storage. It is of around 599 INR which is affordable as well as has very good and superb sound.

  1. Motorola pulse headset with mic

It is in the range between 649 to 659 INR compatibility with a mobile and audio player. It has an in-line microphone attached for calls.

Here, this article shows you the list of the ten most influential and recommended headsets with its highlighted features.

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