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You Can Never Go Wrong With These Timeless Fashion Items

Every girl wants to follow fashion but not every girl wants to spend her entire saving on them. We are currently living in a world where fashion trends change at a very fast pace. Sometimes it becomes too much for the ladies to find clothing items that are not subjected to changes in fashion. Timeless fashion not only saves you a lot of money as it can be worn at any time but also makes you look like a fashion goddess. Take our word when we say you will turn many heads when sporting a classic attire. This article will talk about a few items that are timeless and we are sure you will love every bit of them.

1.     Sarhi

One can never get double thoughts when it comes to wearing a sari. For a long time, women in India, Pakistan & Bangladesh beautifully draped saris around them at multiple occasions. The dress was so common that women from every social class had saris in their wardrobes. Although it’s not carried as regularly it is still widely adored. Sarhi is a lifetime investment. If you buy it today, you can wear it exactly one, two or three years later. You can find them in any fabric that suits your needs. Sarhis are not usually a part of Eid collection 2019but you can always check out your favorite ones.

2.     Denim

Can you remember the time when jeans went out of fashion?  We know you don’t because it never did. Although it has gone through a lot of changes in cuts and details it never completely walked out of the game of fashion. You can literally wear them to the college, road trips, girls’ day out and numerous other occasions. Jeans are so versatile that you can pair them with so many different styles of tops and footwear. Moreover, they are widely available in almost every second clothing store at all price points.

3.     Button-down Shirts

A girl’s closet can never be complete without a button-down shirt that she can wear on different occasions. They can be paired with straight pants, denim, skirts, and culottes. So versatile! However, before you actually flaunt your button-downs make sure they’re perfectly tailored. We hope you all know what it looks like when your garments have a bad fitting. You can always get designer shirts for women if you are a fashion lover.

4.     Black Heels

What’s life without a classic pair of black heels? A smart pair of plain black heels can change your entire look. They’re quite capable of enhancing your outfit like nothing else. Just one simple pair of black heels can be carried on so many different occasions. From your office presentations to a girls’ night out, they can literally accompany you everywhere. If you don’t have one already then looking for fashion brands that sell amazing heels.

5.     Pink Lipstick

Lipstick is a girl’s best friend without any doubt. To be more specific, pink lipstick is like a loyal companion to every girl. Its there for all kinds of makeup looks. Our favorite advantage attached to a pink lipstick is that it tones down your entire makeup look in a very subtle manner. Moreover, like black heels, pink lipstick is also ever ready to accompany you on different occasions.

6.     Cross-Body Bags

We believe that neutral colored cross-body bags can never go wrong anywhere because of the convenience attached to them. They are so easy to carry that one can never think of getting rid of them. Like so many other items they’re available at so many different brands online and in-stores. If you’re wearing a chic button-down shirt with dark wash denim then add a neutral cross-body bag to it to complete the look. These bags go hand in hand with women kurtis online in Pakistan of your choice,

7.     Pearl Accessories

If you open your mother’s and her mother’s vintage jewelry boxes you will at least come across one set of pearl jewelry. Pearls are like an all-rounder. You can either choose to wear them every day or wear them on your first date. Big names like Kate Middleton, Michelle Obama And Sarah Jessica Parker have been noticed wearing pearl accessories on so many occasions. What’s more interesting is the fact that there are a lot of myths and history attached to pearls due to which their significance can never be faded.

If your life is deprived of these timeless items then start planning to get one already and see your fashion game change.

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