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Poonam Store – How to Find the Perfect Wedding Cake

Planning for a perfect dream wedding is a very tough task and not to mention a whole load of mess. Deciding the best wedding cake is also a great deal and take a lot of efforts. One needs to take care of all other factors like the number of guests, the budget of the wedding and wedding dress color while choosing a wedding cake. The cake should be big enough to serve all the guests well. A 3-Tier Wedding Cake weighing 5 kg will serve about 80-100 guests so you can plan the weight accordingly. Have a look at the tips we have shared to help you choose the most suitable cake for the wedding.

 Importance of a Wedding Cake:

A Wedding Cake is the pride of the whole celebration. Everybody waits for the moment to get a look at the grand cake. The couple cutting the wedding cake is the moment of the limelight and the whole attention of the guests and the camera is focused on it only. Wedding is a grand dream of every couple. Everybody dreams about their wedding ceremony being organized at the beach with everything perfect but only a few people get to fulfill it.

Ideas for Perfect Wedding Cake

One thing about wedding cakes is sure that they are as delicious as something made in heaven will taste, so being tasty is the least headache about the wedding cake but the look, decoration, size, frosting, shape, design, and the other things are.

A Perfect Wedding Cake:

A perfect wedding cake should match the color of the wedding dresses of the couple, it creates a considerable amount of visual impact. You need to find the best and experienced baker in the city to put and select the best wedding cakes’ images as per the available budget. You need to taste various flavors in wedding cakes to select the most delicious one. The frosting of cake is also another important angle you need to focus on.

  1. First, you need to take a survey on the number of guests as the size of the cake will depend upon it.
  2. Allocate a fixed amount for the wedding cake.
  3. You need to look around and get a rough idea about the most favored flavor in the cakes.
  4. Also, the design of the cake should be unique and breath-taking.
  5. Readout various wedding magazines to get some particular opinions about the featured and trendy cakes.
  6. Look out for the best wedding cake bakers around the city and outside if you have that much budget.

Nowadays, Cupcake Wedding Cakes are in trend. The whole cake consists of the tower of cupcakes in various flavors and fascinating frosting. Consider a multi-tier cake with a metal ring heart placed on the top of it and the initials of the couple hanging on it will also be a great choice for a Wedding Cake. You can also go after a multi-tier cake with each tier in a different flavor to make it look more integrated one.

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