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Cosmetic Boxes: golden Rules you must know!

golden Rules you must know!

There are some industries which have much potential to attract a heap of customers by creating attractive packaging. Beauty and cosmetics are one of them. Cosmetic products are extensively used all over the world. Makeup is an art of playing with your looks. Every woman is fond of using a number of makeup products of everyday basis to enhance her appearance and grace. If you own a cosmetic line, you might estimate the role of cosmetic boxes in generating a large market share.

They help you in creating a perfect shelf impact to make your products stand out. Cosmetic boxes play an important role in promoting your brand and making it popular worldwide. Below are some of the golden rules you must know before designing cosmetic boxes for your brand:

Rule 1: Enhance the Product’s Value through Packaging

Especially in the case of cosmetic business, when you launch a new product make sure to choose such packaging options which add value to your offering. The custom boxes which are more attractive and can engage your customers prove highly beneficial to the brand. Choose a packaging design which increases the visibility of your cosmetic products.


Always try to introduce some innovative features like designing special inserts for the additional parts of the product or introducing built-in handles on cosmetic gift boxes to make them easy to carry.  Such interactive packaging fascinates the customer about the product even before having a look at the product details or the manufacturer company.

Rule 2: Offer Exceptional Durability

Cosmetic products are delicate and fragile in nature. They can damage very easily by wear and tear or any mistreatment. The cosmetic industry relies on choosing such a packaging which not only maintains the integrity of products but also protect them dust, sunlight, moisture, and other accidental damages.


The risk of damage increases as the products get shipped. The custom boxes used for cosmetics are designed from premium quality material with exceptional durability. They keep your cosmetic products save during transition, storage, stacking or even when placed on retail shelves. Cosmetics are such items which customers love to try before purchase. Sturdy cosmetic boxes by TheCustomBoxes are perfect enough to prevent the items from any unintentional mishandling by the user.

 Rule 3: Work on Innovative Styles

Uniquely designed custom printed boxes always pop out on the shelf. Try to introduce something exceptional by working on innovative styles. You can differentiate your cosmetic boxes by the means of the box shape, color palette, fonts or images. Create packaging which makes your products highly recognizable. Work on the color, shape or style of your cosmetic boxes. Introducing a heart-shaped box or working on other engaging styles can help you earn a special position in the marketplace. First, you have to consider which personality you want to bring in your cosmetic packaging.

Whether you are interested in creating a minimalistic design or the one with bold and flashy outlook. The rest of the design elements work in accordance with your main idea. For example, if you are introducing herbal cosmetic products, go for minimalistic packaging design. Use natural illustrations on your display packaging to tell what your product is all about. Choose the colors and fonts which complement your packaging design. All such tactics are helpful in creating a unique brand image.

Rule 4: Provide a Great Brand Experience

The consumer of a cosmetic product not only looks for a product, rather he is searching for a brand experience. A perfect brand experience is all about a cohesive brand image and a message which ensures trust. Packaging plays an important role is the establishment and communication of your brand to the customers.


The topmost priority of every manufacturer should be to provide a great brand experience through its packaging. Customers always look at the packaging to get an idea where the product stands, what values it delivers and the experience customer is purchasing along with the product.  Your packaging should be a mirror image of your brand. It’s quite natural to form an expectation by looking at the packaging box. Your brand should never disappoint the customers or trick them which they should not expect.

Rule 5: Use High Contrast and Multi-Sensory Effects

When the customers are browsing the retail shelf, your cosmetic display packaging should be the one to stand out. The human eye is naturally attracted towards the high contrast so making use of black or white or other contrasting colors is a good way to get customer’s attention. Embossing and foil stamping creates a great contrast along the smooth surface.


Special finishing effects can be introduced to make packaging more luxurious. In addition, to make your packaging visually stand out it is also necessary to use interactive elements to engage the customers. Introducing window panes, die-cut patterns, inserts or flaps is a good way to make it inspiring.

Rule 6: Color Consistency to Create Brand Recognition

 If your cosmetic brand has a broad product line, every product may have multiple variants, packaging style and may be sold in various sizes. But the golden rule to work on is to introduce consistency in your packaging. It’s the best way to create more recognition in your brand. create such a visual and verbal style which customers can recognize at a glance.


Consistency is a way to ensure trust. Although fonts and logos are a good way to build consistency across your brand, according to a research human brain form more associations with colors. Keeping your color palette same or introducing a common color across your entire product range, makes it easy for the customers to pick your products at a glance. Color also plays an important role in communicating what your brand stands for.

Rule 7: Provide Authentic Information

 Every business relies on delivering valuable information to customers. Same is the case with cosmetics. Providing authentic information is the key to build a successful brand. With a number of cosmetic products residing on retail shelves the one which is different and authentic can set your brand apart of others.


It’s a matter of creativity and exploration on how to “be authentic” in delivering information. Some of the common things to show up on custom printed boxes include product’s detail, ingredients, manufacturer’s information, expiration labels, government warning labels, an image to show that your product is cruelty-free any other related graphics to depict the nature of your product.

Every girl is fond of playing with different colors, styles, and looks. It gets difficult for you to find the products at the hour of need. The best way to avoid this problem is to keep your makeup product organized with cosmetic boxes.

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