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Poonam Store – Can Women use Men’s Shavers?

Both men and women need shaver for getting rid of unwanted hair. Men mostly use it for shaving their face and women use it everywhere.

And there are different models avail be for both men and women separately. Both genders can buy themselves a special shaver and use it for intended purposes.

Men’s Shavers, Poonam Store
Men’s Shavers

But there has always been a claim from women’s side, that shavers made for men are shavers designed for females use only are slow compared to men’s shavers and are still offered at a higher price.

Same is the case with ordinary razors, those for men are cheap compared to those for women.

Companies answered this by saying that razors and shavers designed for females are specially designed to adjust to female skin. The blades are at a different angle, different space and positioning. However, they didn’t say anything about the price which is higher compared to male shavers and razors.

This gives rise to an important question. Can women use men’s shavers? Because if the answer to this question is yes, then there won’t be any need to buy separate shavers. Both husband and wife would be able to use the same one.

We searched a little in order to get to know if a woman can use her man’s razor. And on the way, we saw several things.

First and foremost, both male and female hair is composed of the same components. This indicates that no special treatment is the need for either one. Which is why women can use men’s shavers.

Next thing is that the claim raised by women about their shavers being slow is totally true. Men’s shavers are way more powerful than those for women and colored razors sold by companies are just for the purpose of more sales and business. The reality is that a woman can just borrow a shaver from her husband or boyfriend and get rid of all unwanted hair in a matter of minutes.

Next up is the question if there would be any health or physical issues? The answer is a plain NO. Companies claimed that blades used in male shavers are strong and the angle they have may cut a females skin. But this was all nonsense. The only thing a woman/girl needs to know is how to use a shaver the right way. Men are good at this because they shave all their life. Now for those women who are recently shifting to shavers, just need to do a little bit of research and then go for those smooth results.

In the light of the answer which is a YES, these are some of the best shavers for men which women can use as well. Oh and not to forget, there are two types of razors foil and rotary. Being honest, the rotary type may not be the best choice for women. They should always try to go for a foil shaver.

Braun Series 9, Braun Series 7, Philips Prestige S9000 and Wahl Professional are some best shaver which both genders could use easily.

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