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10 trending Men´s fashion of 2019 – Poonam Store

There seems to be a never-ending flow of new trends and changes in men’s fashion. It can be difficult to keep up with the expense as well as the space in your wardrobe. Catching up with the latest menswear can be overwhelming. Luckily, there are many big spills of 2018 into 2019. This means you can hold on to the biggest trends of the previous year and still be fashionable enough. With the help of some of the industry’s insiders, we can benefit from some vital tips. Here are some of the 10 trending men’s fashion to look out for in 2019.

  1. Relaxed-Leg Trousers

Looser cuts and relaxed-leg pants have become more popular than they were predicted. They seemed to have easily worked their way out of the runways into the store shelves. The voluminous design is now seen in much different clothing from suits to hoodies. They, however, match best on pleated trousers or dad jeans. You can always try them out to maintain a trendy yet conservative look.

  1. Skatewear

You do not have to be keen on fashion to know that skatewear is one of the biggest risers this past year. For a few months now, many brands have taken up the challenge to design their versions. The leaders of the market keep soaring thanks to the original versions. Thankfully, there are many varieties from tie-dye or cross-body bags, as long as they fit halfpipe.

  1. The 1970s

It is easy to notice that the seventies’ styles have been consistent in the past few seasons (and set to proceed in 2019). Outside of the iconic disco hair or the platform shoes, the suede jackets, retro trainers, silk shirts, have filled out wardrobes. Others include corduroy, roll neck, and knitwear, which are almost half a century old now but still seem in their heyday.

  1. Tactile Fabrics

Tactile fabrics proved that people can still have a touch with their feelings. This is not set to end any time soon so get ready for totes emosh this year. Combining winter stalwarts and party clothing, these tactile fabrics are set to trend more than they did in 2018. From touchy-feel clothing to fleece, velvet, and boiled wool, the essential wear will be making a mark in 2019. They are worth retaining because some are equally relevant in hot summers. For example, silky smooth Tencel shirts can sustain you until supple moleskin reappears in colder months again.

  1. Standout Tailoring

No one may have really predicted that the navy suit was going to be seen as stylish. Although it may not bring the excitement of a party, it is increasingly becoming ballsy and the new Technicolor. The design is not limited to the traditional blue, teal, or burgundy, but also comes with a variety of patterns. Soon the early adopters are going to get the cream and payoff of their confidence to spot it.

  1. Utilitarian Menswear

Function and fashion meet again to produce military casual designs and present them back to our wardrobes again. Just like sport or workwear, these designs have made it to the front line with a little adjustment for front row standards. The designers have succeeded in producing sustainable products with utilitarian detail such as bellows pockets and heat-welded seams.

  1. Brown Everything

Although Brown may not be the most attractive tone to take, the stoic shade shares its appearance with dirt. It proved impressive in 2018 and has been seen in full action in town, as more men gain the courage to wear brown in town. It can fit many other situations too, especially with the 70s comebacks of the jackets and shirts, and suits, which were received with style treatment. They are an equally easy alternative especially to all-black but still sticks around.

  1. Cuban Collar Shirts

This is one part of menswear, which has stuck over the past seasons. It is clearly among the trendsetters of 2019 as well. The open necklines run the gamut seemingly from all ends of towns. It has a sleek cut, which is here to stay relevant this year. It also means that this year’s summer will be adorned with this design, as it can be an excuse to wear it anywhere to any event. You can also combine it with a leather jacket or slim-fit jeans for an old-school classic this year.

  1. Light-Wash Denim

Denim is here to stay, but the variation this time is in the fade. The light-wash denim will be sticking around this year. Although many men opt for a darker wash, switching them for lighter designs is officially the move in 2019. In fact, the online searches for these designs are already up by 70%. Thankfully, they are strong and versatile as their darker counterparts.

  1. Mismatched Prints

There is an immense search for mismatched prints on Pinterest. This means they are going to be on the streets and events in 2019. This is easily beyond most men, as they always want to remain in a comfort zone of proven basics. They may need some help to introduce them into the mismatched prints first, with one bold print. Combining the prints is the easy part, but soon they will adopt this maximalist fashion charge. It is undeniably impressive and can fit a variety of functions and events. Check them out as they are available easily on online stalls. More information check out our blog: Fashion

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