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It’s a regular question from each and every famous blogger as to how one can start his or her own blog. People send email messages, direct messages and ask through Instagram, just to as the same question. This question sometimes a headache for these bloggers and they feel awkward as to how to guide the upcoming or aspirant bloggers or answer this query. But this is why these bloggers get fame as they love their followers from the bottom of their heart and they really regard each message and try to answer their query posted in the comments section. This blogging world is crazy and provides purpose to live life differently and bloggers help out their followers in every possible manner.

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Start or enhance your blog:


To wait for some greenlight or signs from the gods of bloggers for starting the blog. Or sitting back to plan your goals and postponing an exciting journey as a future blogger. These are some of the rubbish attitudes in most of the people who have the inspiration of doing blogging. Another misconception which is very common about starting a blog is every aspirant needs to be great at writing or have expertise in a particular subject or have got all the ingredients to start blogging. These are all far from reality. To obtain any personal perspective on some niche or, people go through the blogs. Any authentic and informal sort of information always gets immense value. For instance, Fashion (USA clothing manufacturer) blog readers would always avoid to see the images or listen from the secret model of Victoria. They would instead love to hear the valuable experiences and go through some of their outfit USA clothing manufacturer to which they can relate. Someone having a normal body shape, with some imperfections as well.

To share and spread your knowledge with the people around the world is all about writing the blog by heart. To write about the topics like loneliness, friendship, or how to cope with body shape miseries are get to go topics. To share personal experiences in a storytelling manner and how your struggle has brought you where you are right now; ignites hope, connection and relation with someone.


To search within yourself as to what will make your blog separate from the rest in the market. Choosing a particular niche or topic about which you are so much passionate paves the process and way to make a blog pure and successful and very much easier. To write on one topic or more is also fine too. Up till when you are writing about things in which you have immense interest, the passion in you will shine brighter and will definitely hook your readers and keep them engaged.

The industry of blogging is becoming saturated as time is passing. But if someone has content which is unique and engaging, to say the least, then the blog should get launched. The treatment of the blog is just like any other business. What is the competitive advantage of your blog and what keeps or makes you different from the others in the blogging industry? The answer is authentic content, authentic content, and authentic content! Maintain the intensity and quality because there are many others also just like you.

So here we are! If you also are one of those who are desperately waiting for some greenlight or blogger god’s signal, you are definitely not going anywhere. Perhaps below are some points which can help you out or encourage to wake you up for the blogging:


Choosing a domain

Your website name is your domain name. For instance, What the blog name be known as? This is one of the exciting and funny steps to create the blog. Be a bit creative and ponder about what kind of blog you really want to make. Is the blog coincides with your interests or hobbies? Your own experiences? A blog about personal life? Once you finalized your blog name, just lock it and send it to all kinds of platforms related to social media. Social media really has become so much important in today’s digital world.

To brand the real name, pros, and cons

To brand the blog with a real name or name it likes. After all, it’s your choice but weigh it after keeping all the pros and cons in front. It is preferable to go with a personal name with some addition.

The advantage to a generic name of a blog like Steve Lauren etc. Is that it gives you leverage. The leverage to expand and write about different things in a different phase of life. You really do not get stuck to just one genre.

The demerit of the generic name of your blog is that outsiders need to go through your whole site to ascertain what your blog is all about. It demands effort from the readers if the name of the blog is generic.

For the name like “If socks can talk” can give readers an idea about fashion like accessories, clothing, etc.

A descriptive blog name is good

This is because readers can immediately describe what is really your blog is just after glancing at the site’s name. If the particular name you thought is already in use, then:

– Try some other domain extension. For example .com is already taken then go to .org or .net with the name of your blog.

– Add some small words. Words like “my”, “a” or “the”. or etc. Check once in like a couple of months is the name is available.

– Use of dashes. For example etc.


You always need a web host to get your domain name registered. A web host is nothing but a company which stores the website. In short web host is a warehouse loaded with servers which stores your posts and pictures that you upload.

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