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Special Gift Ideas To Make Your Husband Feel Pampered

Special Gift Ideas For Husband Whether it is a time of enjoyment and celebration of special days, or some of the scariest challenges of your life, that one man who will always remain behind you like your solid wall of support is your husband. Oh yes, you heard that right! No matter how difficult life […]

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Different Types of Massage Therapy – Poonam Store

Merely thinking of it and also the world stops. For the word, massage has this fashion of invoking happy feels: like it’s Friday (and an extended weekend). Or sort of a walk on the beach. That feeling anytime the mild waves bit your toes. Amazing. But no matter it’s that sends you on bliss, we […]

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8 Beauty Tips Every Teen Should Know – Poonam Store

Teenage is this sensitive moment when children are becoming mature. They are quite aware of their appearance. Especially teenage girls are interested in exploring and experimenting with makeup and other beauty products. . Talk about trying new things, but where to start! A quick source can be the Internet. Whether you are a teenager or […]

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Information on Laser Hair Removal – Poonam Store

Laser Hair Removal Nowadays, anytime you want to know anything about anything, the best thing to do is to search the internet. Those days are long gone, when you used to pick up an encyclopedia if you wanted to know about something. The internet is today’s answer to the encyclopedia and there is a surplus […]

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Poonam Store – Can Women use Men’s Shavers?

Both men and women need shaver for getting rid of unwanted hair. Men mostly use it for shaving their face and women use it everywhere. And there are different models avail be for both men and women separately. Both genders can buy themselves a special shaver and use it for intended purposes. But there has […]

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10 trending Men´s fashion of 2019 – Poonam Store

There seems to be a never-ending flow of new trends and changes in men’s fashion. It can be difficult to keep up with the expense as well as the space in your wardrobe. Catching up with the latest menswear can be overwhelming. Luckily, there are many big spills of 2018 into 2019. This means you […]


The Most Effective Method to Start a Fashion Blog – Poonam Store

TIPS ON STARTING A FASHION BLOG It’s a regular question from each and every famous blogger as to how one can start his or her own blog. People send email messages, direct messages and ask through Instagram, just to as the same question. This question sometimes a headache for these bloggers and they feel awkward […]

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Different Types of Men’s Woolen Cap – Poonam Store

Woolen Winter Caps The wool cap is made of wool. Wool is usually more costly as well as classy than other materials, but its qualities and benefits are valued. Wool is waterproof and hygroscopic, which means that it breathes in good state and soak ups sweat. For those who are not sensitive to fibers comes […]