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A Timeless Treasure and the Perfect Piece for Any Outfit

For me accessorizing is the exciting part of an outfit. If you are a jewelry designer or looking for artificial beads jewelry, then you must try blue pottery bead jewelry as it adds glamour and sparkle to any outfit you wear.

But before I start this blog I would like to tell you what is blue pottery, how it is made and what’s the process of making the blue pottery beaded jewelry after that only you will realize the beauty and specialty of it. It is designed elegantly, simply and sophisticatedly in style. It gives the feel of both traditional and touch of modernity & simplicity.

Blue Pottery is the traditional and souvenir craft of Jaipur. It is totally 100% handmade and hand painted. No clay has been used in making of Blue Pottery. It comes in various color palettes like blue, white, grey, turquoise, green, yellow, red, brown, orange, black, pink etc. The ingredients which are used in making of blue pottery is quartz powder, glass powder, fuller’s earth, katira gum, and glazes. The bigger the pieces in it, the higher the cost, that’s why this pottery is expensive. The time required to make a single piece or 100 pieces is same, it takes 15-30 days.

Now I will come to the point, you can make different varieties of Jewelry with the help of beads. An explanation as below:

  • Necklace: Beads comes in various shapes like round, square, drop, flat etc. so you can just play with the combinations of color and shapes and make a funky chunky necklace according to the fashion.
  • Pendant: Similarly, the same thing can be done with the pendants, you can buy the pendants in different finishes like white or black metal and mix match and make a complete long pendant with the threads. 
  • Rings: The most beautiful thing in this pottery is that you can make adjustable rings with colorful beads which can fit any girl or women. 
  • Danglers: Danglers shape is the same as a pendant. You can pair it with the tassels and beads to form a unique blue pottery dangler. 
  • Earrings: Explore and place the beads together like two beads, three beads, four bead earrings. Also, keep one thing in mind if you can me it more traditional and fashionable so that it can go with any outfit. 
  • Bracelet: It can be made in various style like 2 lines, 3 lines etc. This can be a master and exclusive collection for your wardrobe. 

Conclusion: Without concluding, the blog is incomplete in itself. I suggest you should buy ceramic beads and personalize it with your own taste, choice, and fashion. Go trendy with these necklaces, bracelets, danglers and be ready to go for a party anytime by wearing these beaded pieces of jewelry. It can be an attractive combination of style and the beautiful colors which will complete your ethnic and western outfits. Try to add jhumkas with the beads which are in nowadays and give a bold statement look.

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