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Are you a fashion freak? Do you think you have an innate fashion sense? Do you manage to impress people around with your Creative streak?

If you have jumped out of that cozy couch shouting out a loud Yes than continue reading.

fashion, fashion careers
Fashion Careers

A unique mix of innovativeness, individuality and artistic viewpoint perfectly matches the requirements of the Fashion Industry. The trends of the fashion industry undergo a tremendous change; if you manage to keep a track of it you can establish a firm foot in this alluring industry. An in-depth understanding of designer outfits and matching accessories will hold you in good stead. An eye for branded items and a sociable nature are add-ons that will take you a long way if you opt for careers below:

Fashion Designing: Naming all successful Fashion Designers would be absolutely unnecessary here! We are sure you have run through all the top names in your minds already. All the Designer outfits that these legends create leave us mesmerized. Women go crazy looking at models who wear these outfits. To create stunning outfits from a simple garment needs creativity. Understanding the client requirements and delivering as per expectations in a timely fashion is a Fashion Designers job. Appropriate accessories, jewelry, footwear etc also fall under the purview of a Fashion Designer. Working for well-established fashion designers, export businesses, outlets of brands etc. before venturing into one’s own is a brilliant idea; you get to experiment at someone else’s expense and garner the much-required experience.

Apparel/Textile Designer: Fabrics are of various types. Some are knit, some woven and some printed. They could be dyed, weaved or made through the yarn. Apparel designing includes fabric development. Technicalities of the fiber, the dyes/yarns and details on the production front are the aspects that a textile designer knows well. The final outcome of the fabric needs to be visualized by the textile designers. Working for boutiques, studios, textile mills/companies etc in the beginning and may be moving on as a color/dye specialist later is a good idea.

Accessory/Jewellery Designer: An outfit looks stunning when accompanied with appropriate accessories. Whether it’s a shoe or a clutch bag, jewelry or glares, a stole or a belt; an outfit is incomplete without these accessories. They add charm to the outfit. Accessory and Jewellery Designers are hence in a lot of demand. The overwhelming necklaces, rings or bangles are all the creations of these artists. CAD is the software most designers prefer in addition to hand-made sketches of such accessories. If you get a break into any of the daily soaps or even better a movie you can rest assured your career is moving in the right direction. If you are hired by the big brands in this field, Tanishq, for example, you can consider that you will have a set career. But do not forget to bring in more and more innovation to your work.

Luxury Brand Management: Marketing skills are of utmost importance for this role. An aptitude for advertising and a knack for business are imperative. A certification in brand management or even better a degree will help you in creating a niche for yourself. Conducting and analyzing market research, driving advertising campaigns, networking with brand ambassadors are a few responsibilities that a Brand Ambassador shoulders. Many universities in foreign countries have programs that teach you brand management in great detail.

Fashion Photographers: If you have a strong ardor for Fashion and enjoy photography this field will give you a perfect amalgamation of both. You can publish your photographs in a fashion magazine and in other media and earn your reputation steadily. Various Fashion Shows are a good place to showcase your talent. Your potential to present the outfits and accessories will make a large difference in persuading the customers into buying them.

In addition to the above careers, a lot of people also choose to be Image Consultants, Personal Stylists or Fashion Bloggers. The National Institute of Fashion Technology is the Gurukul most fashion enthusiasts opt for. However, having a foreign degree would add a feather in your cap. Understanding the requirements of customers from an international perspective would help you to bring in great inputs to your work. The employability chances increase when you present an international angle to your job. To know more about such degrees abroad contact Leverage Edu. It is best to enter your dream job with the right skill sets and education.

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