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7 Things to Remember while Finalizing the Flowers for Wedding Decor

Flowers for Wedding Decor

From the design to the colors, from trends with themes, you have got everything covered when it comes to choosing the best Indian wedding cards. But have you given enough consideration to the flowers used for wedding decor? Here we have shortlisted 7 things to keep in mind while finalizing the flowers for your wedding decor:

wedding decore, poonam store
Flowers for Wedding Decor
  1. The first and foremost thing is to decide over the wedding theme. Only when you have envisioned how you want your wedding to be, you can have a few ideas of which flower goes well. For instance, for modern them weddings, orchids and lilies are ideal choices while with traditional Indian weddings, it is marigold or rose. Same goes with if you’re planning a beach wedding then tropical flowers will sync with the theme. So make a choice with the theme and you can choose flowers in accordance.
  1. Another thing to be very considerate about is choosing a flower is the size of the venue and the areas you want to decorate. Also, it depends upon the location. For instance, if you’re planning to have an outdoor wedding where these blooms are in direct exposure of sunlight, you have to choose flowers accordingly. Same goes when you plan indoor settings you have to choose flowers accordingly.
  1. We all know how lovely these blooming beauties look and how it can transform any place with their rich looks and fragrance. They add their own touch to wedding decor but they are on pricey side especially if you’re going with off-seasonal flowers and exotic flowers. The reason being, they are not easily available. So for that decide upon the areas you need to incorporate the floral decor. For instance, it could be the mandap, the entrance, the stage area, centrepieces etc. No, you can estimate the budget and make necessary adjustments.
  1. When you’re planning the destination wedding, make sure the place has the flowers available locally. if they aren’t available, you have to get them imported which is again a bit expensive. So make the budget accordingly.
  1. Another important tip is to go for reliable vendors only. Don’t fall into  trap of fake vendors only to save a few bucks. With a reliable vendor, you’re ensured to get what you order. It’s not the off season flower we are talking about, sometimes it’s difficult to find a particular colour in the seasonal flower as well. In this scenario, a professional vendor or florist can only help you or suggest the next best option.
  2. Another thing is to decide whether you want to go with just one type of flowers or a combination of it. This is again an important thing that you need to discuss with the florist and wedding decorator.
  1. Another important thing is to choose the colour of flowers. It is quite a task in itself. Always keep in mind that the lightning which is included in decor can change the colour of the flowers for the evening event. The best thing you can have is to go with light coloured flowers like white or light pink. They go along with any colour of lighting. and if these light colours aren’t your thing  choose the lighting and flowers in colour combination. For instance,pink flowers look good with purple lightings.
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