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World’s  Best Swim Suits

Summer season is swim season and the most of the people’s favorite clothing season too.  This is the time to take out your old swimsuits and buy the latest style swimsuit that you wear to the beach,  the pool and honestly, on social media. There are so many trends that you can try this summer season. There are so many companies that serve you the best discount deals such as Zaful, Fashionmia and many more. For attracting more customers these companies are providing Coupons and Promo Codes, for example, Zaful Coupons for saving your maximum money. Which helps you to make your shopping at your reasonable price. So here we are gonna guide you how to select the best swimwear which would be in your budget and help to find out the best swimsuit according to your body size so be ready to look sensual in this summer.

best online shopping site in India, best online shopping site in ahmedabad


Before buying a swimsuit make sure that fits your body. As we know every person has its own size of the body, so we will help you to know what is your body type so that you will be able to choose the right swimsuit.

  • Pear shape size:
    you can recognize that your body is pear-shaped when you notice if your hips are bigger than your bust then your waist is very well designed and probably its pear.
  • Apple shape size:
    you can recognize it when you notice if your waist is larger than your hips. And wise as your bust then it’s probably an apple shaped.
  • Hourglass shape size:
    if your bust and hips both are having the same width, but the waist is smaller than your body type might be an hourglass type.
  • Straight or ruler shape:
    if you are thin from all sides of your body and don’t have any difference among your waist, bust and hips then you have straight shaped body type.

What fabric and color that you should choose

  • If you want to highlight the features of your body that you like then you should prefer light colored and pattern swimsuits
  • You should prefer solid colors for your swimsuit if you want to hide something that you don’t like.
  • And if you are having pale skin then you should use dark colors like purple, navy blue, black and maroon. It would suit you.
  • If your skin tone is dark then prefer the bright color it would help you to hide what you don’t like.
  • If you want to hide the wider parts such as hips or bust, then you should prefer a piece with ruffles for that area.


As you know there are many stores and boutiques that are specialized in swimsuits and you can also search online and can find the one that will work for you. If you are worried about the high rates of a perfect swimsuit, then all you need to do is a little research online and you will see more than thousands of websites are there. who serves you the best deals and offers that can surely help you to make your shopping inexpensive. And you can easily compare the prices among other sites so that will be easy to find out the best swimsuit at the best price. So what are you waiting for? Summer is about to come, so start finding your best swimsuit which is in your budget and give yourself an intimate style and let your friends be amazed when they look at you in your beautiful swimsuit. So be attractive and look sensual this summer.

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