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Are you a saree lover? Then you will be at this moment searching for the next saree to buy and replenish your wardrobe. Don’t worry the talk is about the Sarees only. A saree is Indian wear worn by women for many centuries. The traditional has not lost its touch in fashion. It is one of the few apparels which has not disappeared and had been replaced by modern wears.


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Today saree has become a sensational outfit for women. Many people want to wear Sarees because of the awesome designs on the market. The designers are experimenting with new styles without letting the essence of the saree wear out. There are many types of Sarees available in the fashion arcade.

There are different Sarees that have originated from different states in India.  No dress in the world can come near to the elegance of an Indian saree.

Here is a list of some of the Sarees which are popularly worn and desired by many women.

    • The Majestic Kanchipuram Saree:-

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A Kanchipuram saree is handcrafted in the region of Kanchipuram. The Kanchipuram saree is very popular for its gold thread work in its border and the silky and shiny material. It is a saree created for the queen in the olden days so it is quite expensive but very much worth the money.

The saree is especially worn by the south Indian brides at their wedding. It is actually traditional wear in the south of India. But today it has so much well-liked that people all over India purchase the Kanchipuram saree. The Kanchi silk weavers of Kanchipuram are known for their expert saree. The original Kanchipuram silk is only bought from them and sold all over India.

    • The Beauteous Banarasi Silk Sarees:-

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The banarasi saree came from the city of Varanasi a city which is called Benares. It is one of the finest sarees in India. They are known for their gold and zari work which creates a certain mass in the saree. You can feel the weight when you wear it.

The intricate design of the Sarees is the influence of the Persian and Mughal rule in India.  It can be called the Taj Mahal of the sarees because of the similar patterns in the saree. The floral motifs in the saree make quite an impression of the beholder. This saree is also worn in traditional Indian weddings. They are very grand and the details are very small and minute that commands the skill of the artisan.

    • The Marvelousness of The Mysore Silk Sarees:-
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The silk of the Mysore saree is grown in Mysore itself and as the name suggests this saree is the brainchild of Mysore. The superior silk of Mysore is always remarked about. The Mysore silks date back to 1500 AC. It was the garment of the royal ladies of Mysore. So imagine the greatness and legacy of the silk.  The Mysore silk is delicate but has rich designs in it.

The Mysore silk is known for its 100% Silk and pure gold thread work.  Flaunt the Mysore silk sarees for your engagement and anniversary. It is also a perfect gift for women who are going to be married. This saree is perfect for women to be worn on auspicious occasions.

    • The Magnificence of The Maheshwari Sarees:- 
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Maheswari is a saree made in cotton and silk fabric. It is woven with zari and brocade designs. The borders are either checked, floral or in stripes. The saree has originated from the town of Maheshwar a place in Madhya Pradesh.

The Maheshwar material is especially used in the sarees for their soft and attractive cotton and silk combinations. The main inspirations for the Maheshwar sarees are the ‘chameli flower’. The designs also play an important part in the Maheshwari sarees.

  • The Striking Factor of The Indian Saree-

Rig out in these beautiful sarees and look stunning in weddings and other grand parties. Sarees can bring out the queenly lines and other feminine attributes of the women. So slip in one of the sarees or rather let the sarees slip on you.

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