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7 Great Indian Dressing Sense

India has a many states and their people wear different types clothes.

I will show you how our country become different to other country. There is many thing but i show u this : Different Dressing Sense makes women more beautiful. I love my country because i like everything in my country best of Dressing Style


Maharashtra clothing is stimulated with the aid of conventional Maharashtra lifestyle.girls of Maharashtra nation compose a nine yard saree(choli and saree). This kingdom displays a huge variety of costumes suitable for special activities.

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Tamilian women dressed so nicely in each day habitual as she has to visit the wedding. They opt to drape her heavy (kanchipuram sari ) round herself, it’s five-6 backyard in period,the lower a part of the calf exposed, a further bit of pallu created thereby wound around her waist.

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“PHERAN” it’s a KASHMIRI traditional dress.

it’s miles a long unfastened shirt which hangs down below the knees in conjunction with a white turban tied on a cranium cap, a near-becoming trousers and lace much less footwear called Gurgabi.

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clothing of Rajasthan is in reality high-quality and energetically Rajasthani  women use to put on a long skirt referred to as Ghaghra, Choli or Kurti (blouses and tops) with an Odhani.  Ghaghra reaches above the ankle that has a narrow waist increasing the flared and width to the bottom.

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Assamese women use to wear motif-wealthy mekhela chador, a two-piece garment. Mekhela is the skirt the decrease component and chador the higher part draped with pleats. traditionally, made either from muga or paat. Bihu dancer use to put on it.

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conventional dress of haryana women IS special.They use to wear a ‘Damaan’, an ankle length skirt, “Kurti”a waist length shirt and ‘Chunder’ that is an extended piece of material that the women use to cover their head.

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Gujarati girls Use To put on ‘chaniya’ which is a colorful petticoat typically embroidered with glass paintings, an embroidered shirt called as ‘choli’ or ‘polku’ along side ‘odhani’, a cloth overlaying the frame and the top from the back.

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Phulkari is the Punjabi traditional costumes.ladies put on remarkable phulkari referred to as bagh with unique sort of embroidery made from first-rate colors and appealing styles.

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